Triathlon Coaching

Here are some of our featured Triathlete, Swimming, Cycling, Running and Fitness coaching programs that we recommend. We stand by these programs as quality products by professionals who have excellent reputations, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with these products please let us know and we will make sure the right people find out and correct any mistakes.


My Cycling
These guys help normal cyclists learn how to ride faster than they ever thought possible, they guarantee that you will ride 10-30% faster or you get your money back.

This site has been around a long time and is very succesful for a reason, they deliver what they say they will, check around the Internet their reputation is solid.


Tri Swim Coach
Kevin Koskella has 27 years of experience as a swim coach and competitor, he is one of the most highly rated swim coaches in the USA.

Another website that has longevity and a coach with a national reputation who has been featured on TV and in magazines like Triathlon, the DVD has a 365 day no questions asked guarantee, so you lose nothing by trying it.


Triathlon Dominator
This is the complete Triathlete’s training package by Ben Greenfield. Ben is a well known award winning Triathlete and coach that you have probably already heard of, he is everywhere on the Internet and with good reason, his reputation is second to none and he has many quality products.

Check out the testimonials on his website, this guy is the real deal, this new version of his course contains extra bonuses that are well worth getting – Highly recommended.


Break Your PR
As a colleague of Ben Greenfield, Jill Bruyere is building a great reputation for herself as a leading running coach. As with most of the programs we recommend, Jill is not only a coach but an experienced athlete herself, so she not only talks the talk but walks the walk (or runs it in her case!).

Many people have benefitted from Jill’s course, and she also offers a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk with seeing what she can do for you.