Creatine Effects On Triathletes

Creatine Effects
Creatine effects on athletes has had a lot of press over the years, I have used it in the past and can honestly say that the only creatine effects that I noticed were gains in the strength and power departments. When I used it in the early 90s it was the latest wonder supplement, but I did not feel that it made enough of a difference to justify the high cost at that time, especially as I was not involved in competitive sports when I was using it. Creatine is found in meat and fish and is also created in your Kidneys, liver and your pancreas, it is stored in your muscles as a fuel for short-term intense muscle use. When used correctly as a supplement before an event it…
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Beginner Triathlon Nutrition To Banish Sweet Cravings

Beginner Triathlon
Beginner triathlon obstacles are many, but nutrition seems to still be a grey area for many new to the sport. There are so many different theories and experts all confident that their way is best, so how does the newer triathlete overcome the beginner triathlon nutritional uncertainties that we all have when we start? Keeping things simple is the best way to start most things, so here are some tips to overcome some of the problems. Chocolate and sweets are something we all love, even experienced triathletes, most of us are of the mindset that we can "burn it off" because we do so much exercise, and this does have some truth to it. While it would be nice if we all had the will power to drop these things…
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Triathlon Nutrition In The Off Season

Triathlon Nutrition
Triathlon nutrition is something that all triathletes have to constantly think about and refine as they gain more experience and learn what works best for them, even during the holidays. While enjoying my Tofurky on thanksgiving this week I slipped into my old eating habits and overate big time, I even ate a massive slice of pumpkin pie which is really unusual for me, I have not done that in 4 or 5 years. While I am constantly thinking about triathlon nutrition all year round, we all know that the odd bad day here or there is not going to do any harm, in fact it may do some good on the psychological and physical fronts. The off-season however, especially around the holidays does present us with many temptations to…
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Triathlon Transition Tips For Competitive Triathletes

Triathlon Transition
Triathlon transition is something most beginners do not think about, it is easy right, not much to think about so why bother? Well, yes it is easy, but if you have never been in a race before it might not be as easy as you think, you do need to know what to expect and the protocol to follow. I have a short video below on correct triathlon transition technique during a race, I have also written out more detailed steps as well. As with everything, do not leave it to the day of your first race and then realize that you have forgotten something important, practice your transitioning when you are training or in your back yard or even in your house so you have a good idea of…
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Open Water Swimming In A Triathlon

Open Water Swimming
Open Water Swimming is obviously a different prospect than the more comfortable confines of the pool. Temperature, current, waves and the absence of guide lines make staying on course more difficult, but there are some simple techniques that you can use to help you when you are open water swimming. Stick your head out of the water every four or five strokes just before you breathe and see where you are heading, you can often use the buoys as markers, but this can sometimes be difficult if the water is choppy, if this is the case you can use markers on the land over the buoys. Also make sure that your goggles are tinted because the sun can prohibit this technique if it is too strong. (more…)
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