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Balance Band Power Band Bracelets

Balance band the power band bracelet and pendants are everywhere, I have read all the hype by the big name sports personalities and seen many of them being worn by celebrities on TV. Like anyone who has witnessed this phenomenon I am curious as to if and how a balance band works. Christmas is just around the corner I am sure that many people are considering giving a power band bracelet as a gift, so do they work or are they this year’s snake oil?

Ironman Race Beginner’s Tips

Ironman race first timers have a lot to think about, even if you are a naturally confident person who has raced a few triathlons before, an Ironman race is most definitely a step-up for the majority of us, and we need all the help we can get. 20 weeks of pounding yourself into shape all culminate into the nervous bag of energy that most of us become just before the swim starts.

IT Band – 10 Tips To Prevent Friction Problems

IT Band or the iliotibial band is connective tissue that you find on the outside thigh area, it connects your shin and hip and is also attached to your knee as a stabilizer and to help facilitate joint movement. Suffering an IT Band injury is a huge problem for many triathletes and runners and can cause a lot of pain, thus making running and general knee movement an unpleasant experience.

Creatine Effects On Triathletes

Creatine effects on athletes has had a lot of press over the years, I have used it in the past and can honestly say that the only creatine effects that I noticed were gains in the strength and power departments. When I used it in the early 90s it was the latest wonder supplement, but I did not feel that it made enough of a difference to justify the high cost at that time, especially as I was not involved in competitive sports when I was using it.

Beginner Triathlon Nutrition To Banish Sweet Cravings

Beginner triathlon obstacles are many, but nutrition seems to still be a grey area for many new to the sport. There are so many different theories and experts all confident that their way is best, so how does the newer triathlete overcome the beginner triathlon nutritional uncertainties that we all have when we start?

Triathlon Nutrition In The Off Season

Triathlon nutrition is something that all triathletes have to constantly think about and refine as they gain more experience and learn what works best for them, even during the holidays. While enjoying my Tofurky on Thanksgiving this week I slipped into my old eating habits and overate big time, I even ate a massive slice of pumpkin pie which is really unusual for me, I have not done that in 4 or 5 years

Open Water Swimming In A Triathlon

Open Water Swimming is obviously a different prospect than the more comfortable confines of the pool. Temperature, current, waves and the absence of guide lines make staying on course more difficult, but there are some simple techniques that you can use to help you when you are open water swimming.

Kona Triathlon Next Year?

Kona Triathlon next year may be what many triathletes have begun to think about and make plans for, which events to target to qualify and the training schedule that they will need to get there, along with all those other new year resolutions we all make of course.

Get A Copy Of The Triathlete’s Training Bible

The Triathlete’s Training Bible by Joe Friel is up for grabs for one lucky newsletter subscriber who will be picked from those of you who take a couple of minutes to answer some basic questions. The Triathlete’s Training Bible is one of the best triathlete resources available and is a great prize if you have never read it.