Ironman Race Beginner’s Tips

Ironman Race
Ironman race first timers have a lot to think about, even if you are a naturally confident person who has raced a few triathlons before, an Ironman race is most definitely a step-up for the majority of us, and we need all the help we can get. 20 weeks of pounding yourself into shape all culminate into the nervous bag of energy that most of us become just before the swim starts. Many people defeat themselves with their own mind before they do anything, but as with many things in life the anticipation and the waiting are often much worse than the reality, how many times have you been worried about something like a job interview and come out the other side wondering why you made such a fuss? To…
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IT Band – 10 Tips To Prevent Friction Problems

IT Band
IT Band or the iliotibial band is connective tissue that you find on the outside thigh area, it connects your shin and hip and is also attached to your knee as a stabilizer and to help facilitate joint movement. Suffering an IT Band injury is a huge problem for many triathletes and runners and can cause a lot of pain, thus making running and general knee movement an unpleasant experience. When everything is working properly the IT Band smoothly rolls over the outside of your femur and is cushioned by a sort of pillow that is filled with fluid, so when you bend your knee you do not notice it. If you suffer from an injury to this area however, the movement will not be smooth and there will be…
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Creatine Effects On Triathletes

Creatine Effects
Creatine effects on athletes has had a lot of press over the years, I have used it in the past and can honestly say that the only creatine effects that I noticed were gains in the strength and power departments. When I used it in the early 90s it was the latest wonder supplement, but I did not feel that it made enough of a difference to justify the high cost at that time, especially as I was not involved in competitive sports when I was using it. Creatine is found in meat and fish and is also created in your Kidneys, liver and your pancreas, it is stored in your muscles as a fuel for short-term intense muscle use. When used correctly as a supplement before an event it…
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Balance Band Power Band Bracelets

Balance Band
Balance band the power band bracelet and pendants are everywhere, I have read all the hype by the big name sports personalities and seen many of them being worn by celebrities on TV. Like anyone who has witnessed this phenomenon I am curious as to if and how a balance band works. Christmas is just around the corner I am sure that many people are considering giving a power band bracelet as a gift, so do they work or are they this year's snake oil? While I am not prepared to spend a lot of time doing scientific research for a product such as this (and if the claims are true I should not have to, the band should just work, case closed) to find out the benefits for Triathletes,…
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Triathletes Training Bible Contest Winner

The Triathlete's Training Bible
Triathlete’s Training Bible Contest Winner has been chosen and we would like to thank everyone who entered and also for the suggestions for the new website that we received. The Triathlete’s Training Bible Contest Winner is Kaitlin from Bradford, Ma, USA, a copy of the book is winging its way to her right now, we hope she enjoys it. We have already implemented many new changes to the site and there will be a lot more additions in the new year, we are also publishing an exciting new triathlete book that many people have requested. Thanks to everyone that entered!
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Cystic Fibrosis – Inspiration For Every Triathlete

Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis sufferer Monique Mendoza is someone who we can all draw inspiration from, so next time you are complaining or feeling tired about training or competing in a triathlon, this story may inspire you to shut up and get on with it. Monique completed the Lavaman Triathlon on the Big Island of Hawaii in 5 hours 4 minutes. While many of you may not think that is anything spectacular, you should first know that she was a double lung transplant patient, and for someone with cystic fibrosis, completing a triathlon is a remarkable acheivement. Her story really is inspirational, please take 5 minutes to check it out, you can read more here: Monique Mendoza.
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